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Nissan announced its new six-year environmental plan, Nissan Green Program 2022 (NGP 2022). This new plan will focus on three areas: reduction of carbon footprint, shift to renewable energy and an increase in the diversity of resources used by Nissan. Since 2008 Nissan has been implementing "Nissan Wakuwaku Eco School" in Kanagawa prefecture. We will continue to provide the meaningful lectures in environment for their better understanding and awareness of future through the experiences of our great products.

School-visit program for environmental education: Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School (Japan, U.K., and China)

The Nissan Waku-Waku Eco School was launched in Japan in 2008 as an easy-to-understand and fun way to learn about the environment, which has evolved in many countries and taken off around the world.

In Japan, the program promotes understanding of global warming issues, introduces Nissan's environmental initiatives, and provides children with experiences of the latest environmental technologies through test rides in the Nissan LEAF and other activities. The programs are designed for mainly 11-12 year-old school children to be conducted by Nissan employees. In fiscal 2021, this program was again affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we received many requests for face-to-face classes from educational venues where there are few opportunities to experience the program. We conducted school visits with infection control measures in place. We also prepared materials with instructional DVDs for teachers and online classes via a web conferencing system. The cumulative number of participants in the program in Japan has exceeded 112,400 (as of March 31, 2022).

Outside Japan, under the banner of the Nissan Skills Foundation, Nissan Motor Manufacturing (U.K.) in Sunderland runs a wide-ranging series of educational programs from primary and secondary schools, including Eco School, a six-hour course in which students learn about environmental issues and NMUK’s wind power program. In China, Nissan (China) Investment (NCIC) and three joint venture companies offer educational opportunities, the Nissan Dream Classroom, an online quality education program developed with the assistance of UNESCO China. One of the seven modules, Eco Classroom, includes environmental learning, understanding how electric motors work and an experiment involving a model car.

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Sponsorship for an Environmental Awareness Campaign of World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (WWF Japan) and Activities around the World (Japan, China, South America and Canada)

Nissan supported the environmental awareness campaign Earth Hour 2022 organized by WWF Japan by sponsoring the event and calling for employees worldwide to take action to turn off lights, while Nissan’s operating companies in Japan and overseas participated in the lights-off movement.

Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (NCIC) hosted an employee photo contest with the environment as the theme and Nissan South America planned employee participation in virtual and actual events in conjunction with dealers.

Since fiscal 2019, Nissan Canada (NCI) is an official partner of WWF Canada and participates in environmental fundraising events like the CN Tower Climb (2019). This year the focus is on Learn Plant Connect call to action for Canadians to take measurable and meaningful action to reverse wildlife and nature loss. Thousands of post-secondary students engage in activities that address the dual crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.

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カナダ日産自動車会社 (NCI)は、2019年よりWWFカナダの公式パートナーとして、CN Tower Climbといった、環境に関する募金を呼び掛けるイベントに参加しています。今年はカナダ国民に環境保全のために測定可能で意味のある行動を呼びかけるLearn Plant Connectを中心に支援を行い、生物多様性の喪失や気候変動の危機を解決するための活動に貢献しています。

Support for The Nature Conservancy's Tennessee Forest Health Program (U.S.)

Since 2010, Nissan North America (NNA) is promoting tree health in Tennessee's communities and forests with a nonprofit organization in Nashville, Tennessee called The Nature Conservancy. The nonprofit works towards the strategic restoration of large, urban, open spaces in order to increase the conservation value of Nashville’s parks to both people and nature.

Nissan is supporting the nonprofit with both employee volunteerism and financial contribution. In fiscal 2021, Nissan donated $25,000 for The Nature Conservancy's Tennessee Forest Health Program. This investment helps achieve the nonprofit’s goal to create nature-based solutions to urban environmental challenges, and to safeguard nature and biodiversity, which are critical for healthy and sustainable communities.

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Tree-planting Activities by Employees (Mexico, Argentina)

In September 2021, 30 employees and their families of Nissan Mexicana (NMEX) signed up and attended reforestation activity at nearby park around the Mount Toluca. This activity took place as a way to help reforestation in this zone after the major fire suffered back in February 2021. Trees are locally grown to a size in which they are later able to grow full size, and they are transported to be planted in activities like this. In Argentina, 36 employee volunteers planned and executed plantation of native species, clean up river coast and Natural Reserve trails optimization in Cordoba and Buenos Aires in December 2021.

Reference: Nissan Green Program 2022

Nissan announced its new six-year environmental plan, Nissan Green Program 2022 (NGP2022). This new plan will focus on four areas: Climate Change, Resource Dependency, Air Quality and Water Scarcity.