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At Nissan factories around the world, ensuring the quality of each automobile as it is pieced together on the assembly line is an unquestioned part of the manufacturing process. An unparalleled attention to even the smallest detail, to be sure your car is built to the highest possible standard.

Super efficient parts management and highly skilled workers are a given, of course, but at the Shonan factory in Japan, chosen from all the Nissan factories around the world as Global Nissan Quality Award 2012, they put special emphasis on one more vital ingredient - communication.

Mr. Miyazaki, Nissan Shatai Shonan Factory

Here at Nissan Shatai Shonan Factory there is a mixed-model assembly line with currently six vehicle models. We ship cars domestically and also to over 100 countries.

The quality in the cars comes from the fingertips of the people working here. The plant workers are confronted with various kinds of challenges during the production process. We are always working on the production line so it can be hard to communicate there. The surest way is to resolve the challenge through quickly giving feedback to the engineers.

At Nissan Shatai Shonan Factory, the executives and planning department chiefs, engineers, and the actual production line workers and director speak together directly, right by the cars. They share challenges about the production process, and then make immediate planning alterations.

The manufacturing department has to work the most effectively. Each and every worker has to exert their strength and work as one when making cars.

At the Shonan factory, through daily communication, the factory chief , chief engineer, and line workers constantly learn from each other, to ensure your car is fit for years of driving pleasure.