Snowman in the Desert

"Another Quality Story" SNOWMAN IN THE DESERT3:24

rom the icy plains of northern Russia to the scorching desert of the middle east, our planet brews up incredible extremes in temperature and weather conditions.
And our cars have to be able cope with whatever the weather throws at them, too.

The problem is, how can you be sure a new vehicle is up to the job? Sure, you could take it around the world to test it in every conceivable environment. In fact, Nissan do just that. But nature makes for an unpredictable laboratory. Rain today, fine tomorrow....

So what to do?

At Nissan, the answer is easy.

They simply make the weather, right in their own back yard.

Mr. Ninomiya

This facility has two test area wind tunnels, the first is the all weather test laboratory, and the other is the low temperature solar laboratory. The all weather laboratory is used to recreate rain and snow, and also fog conditions. The solar laboratory is for testing air conditioning systems.

As you can see, it is snowing in here now, so we can repeat experiments under exactly the same conditions, without actually going to cold areas of the world, and make sure that the vehicles are trustworthy.

We recreate conditions that have been observed around the world, so we can make it rain 100 mm an hour, or simulate the heat of the sun up to 1 kilowatt.

We can simulate cold areas down to minus 40 degrees, and up to 45 degrees for the hottest parts of the planet.

By recreating the world's climates right in the lab, Nissan can make sure that your car will perform, whatever the weather.

Mr. Ninomiya

Depending on where you are in the world, there are all kinds of environments, all kinds of ways of driving, and customers use their cars in all kinds of different ways, too. We can recreate those conditions continuously here, to be sure that we are satisfying all our customers needs, and delivering cars that are safe and reliable.