Shift to a More Customer-Centric Company

The number of customers who expect a seamless, pleasant online sales and service experience is increasing, but each customer has different needs. We aim to respond to individual needs and provide a customer experience that goes beyond expectations. To ensure the implementation of these initiatives, Nissan Academy, a special team for educating dealers, develops and conducts training for dealership staff and management to go beyond customer expectations. To boost our activities at dealerships, we train area managers and continuously improve our practices. These area managers analyze dealer operations, develop improvement plans based on their individual situations, and support their implementation, to let dealers continue autonomous improvements.

Focusing on the voice of each individual customer and quick problem resolution, we also implemented Quick Voice of Customer (Quick VOC). It is not a survey but rather a powerful tool to capture customer’s feedback with three simple questions and free comment. In case a customer shows any concern, Quick VOC provides the Dealer/Nissan a hot alert and allows the Dealer to quickly resolve the specific customer’s concern and thereby increases customer promotion for Nissan. We continue to improve the quality of our sales and service in order to improve satisfaction among customers who visit our dealerships.