Updating Global Dealership Standards

In response to the diversification of our customers' expectations and lifestyles, we introduced the Nissan Retail Concept (NRC) to dealerships around the world to promote standardization for providing consistent brand experience. The new dealership layout and design is intended to appeal to all customers, from those who come to purchase a new car to those who come for vehicle inspection or servicing, creating comfortable, welcoming spaces that offer needed services as efficiently as possible.
NRC also incorporates key Nissan brand elements such as Nissan Intelligent Mobility*, Electirfied vehicles, the NISMO performance sub-brand, light commercial vehicles, and Nissan Intelligent Choice (our premium certified pre-owned car program). Adoption of the new standards has already begun in key markets, and more than 2,900 stores had completed the facility standard adoption by the end of fiscal year 2021. We continue to deploy the new concept in our stores around the world.

* Click here for more information on Nissan Intelligent Mobility.