Global NISTEC & NISAC program

What is Global NISTEC & NISAC?

日産サービス技術大会(Global NISTEC - NISAC)

Competition to demonstrate technical skill or customer treatment of dealer technician, service advisor. It was started in Japan from 1966, then, became global program since 1991.

Objective of NISTEC & NISAC

  • Improve customer satisfaction by constant training of service staffs who deliver technical skill and customer treatment in daily business.
  • Aiming to increase motivation and tenure of dealer service staff.
  • Develop the career and status of dealer service staff.

Global NISTEC & NISAC program outline

  • Global common theme (competition task) are given to each national/regional contest that ensure fairness of competition.
  • Technician contest → in the designated time slot, technician compete with multiple and different level of task in the diagnostic, maintenance, repair skill area.
  • Service advisor contest → roll playing contest how to take care customer information and request appropriately.
  • From 90 countries, approximately 51,000 technician and 16,000 service advisors participate (note: major 19 countries total) over 2 years contests. Then, finalist of 45 technicians and 35 service advisors are awarded as global winner.
  • Global winners are invited to Japan every 2 years to participate the global ceremony along with the trip where winners celebrate achievements and determine further improvement.
日産サービス技術大会(Global NISTEC - NISAC)
日産サービス技術大会(Global NISTEC - NISAC)