Quality evaluation system

Over 300 “customer’s-perspective” quality checks

How should we check vehicle quality from the customer’s perspective? Nissan’s answer to this question is the Alliance Vehicle Evaluation Standard (AVES). This system evaluates product quality according to more than 300 criteria developed from the customer’s perspective. These checks are rigorously conducted by Nissan staff certified in using the AVES system.
When checking the condition of body paint, for example, we envisage a situation where the customer is extremely close to the car’s exterior, such as when they are washing the car. We then keep this perspective in mind as we check for scratches and color irregularities.

  • AVES is an abbreviation for Alliance Vehicle Evaluation Standard.

Using test vehicles to imagine customer-use scenarios

In order to deliver high-quality cars to our customers, Nissan manufactures test vehicles that are repeatedly test-driven and trialed under the strictest conditions. The results of these trials guide us in raising quality to a level that exceeds customer performance expectations.
During these test drives, we carefully assess performance as cars drive, corner and stop in a variety of imagined customer use scenarios. We also adopt a customer perspective to evaluate advanced features that provide customers with added value, such as the latest driver assistance technology.

Continuous evaluation to boost customer satisfaction

Even after a vehicle enters mass production, the AVES system is periodically used to guarantee quality.
This means that we are continually assessing quality from a customer perspective, which improves quality outcomes and contributes to customer satisfaction.

Meeting customer expectations

The same list of over 300 AVES criteria is used at every Nissan production site in the world. However, the target scores for individual criteria continue to evolve. This reflects ongoing changes in customer attitudes, from general quality expectations to other criteria that they consider important.
Nissan is also constantly reviewing the AVES criteria to ensure that every customer is satisfied. AVES is designed so that customer feedback can be rapidly analyzed and fed back into the system in order to deliver cars that meet customer expectations.