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Inter-cultural Cooperation

Nissan sells cars to customers all over the world. Their diverse cultures and ways of living are reflected in their widely varied preferences and tastes in cars and service. To meet this variety of needs among customers across the globe, we must take advantage of a diverse workforce made up of people from different nations and cultures.

Our close alliance partnership with Renault has taught us a great deal about how people from different nations and cultures can differ in their thinking patterns and tastes. It is our belief that cultural diversity will give us a competitive edge in global business.

Cultural diversity training (Japan)

Nissan offers employees trainings about the cultures and work styles of different countries specifically, France, China, India, Germany and Japan. Employees attending these trainings learn to accept and navigate differences.

Cross-cultural e-Learning to take advantage of a diverse workplace (Japan)

This training targets Japanese employees and provides logical and in-depth understanding of cultural differences, as well as effective and efficient communication skills that are useful worldwide. The training helps employees learn more about people from different backgrounds, which improves communication.

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