The Iwaki Plant, which began operations in January 1994, produces several Nissan engines including the optimized, fuel-efficient VQ engines, which have received several awards in Japan and the United States for their outstanding performance and development approach.
In 2020, three core concepts were implemented to further enhance the manufacturing process. These concepts focus on: creating a flexible assembly line where people and robots can coexist; new enhancements in line ergonomics, operational working environments, and a continual aim to produce engines with the highest quality and zero-defects as a world-class manufacturing plant.


Area: Approx. 201,500 m²
Building floorspace: approx. 80,300 m²
Employees: As of June 1, 2021: Approx. 880
Production Capacity: Approx. 560,000 units/year
Items Produced: VQ engines, VR engines


Most powerful Skyline to date, 400R engine

The VR engine (3.0 LV6 twin turbo) installed in the Skyline 400R is also produced here at the Iwaki plant. The engine was developed to achieve both sharp response and superior fuel economy, which is the DNA of Nissan's V6 engine. Along with its performance, it also offers excellent fuel economy, quiet idling, and a high level of refinement befitting a premium sports sedan.



Access to the Iwaki Plant Access to the Iwaki Plant
386, Shimokawa-aza-Otsurugi, Izumi-cho, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima 971-8183
By train

Take the Ueno-Tokyo Line (Jobansen) Limited Express Hitachi (bound for Iwaki) from JR Shinagawa Station, Tokyo Station, or Ueno Station; get off at Izumi Station; and then take a taxi (about 10 min. ride)
By car

From the Iwaki Nakoso Interchange on the Joban Expressway, take Prefectural Route 289, then head north toward Onahama on National Route 6 Bypass for about 12 km. The plant is located on the left side of National Route 6.
1) Inquiries regarding plant tours
Iwaki Plant Guest Hall, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
+81 (0)246-75-1122

2) Inquiries regarding the plant
Iwaki Plant, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
General Affairs Group, Administration Section
+81 (0)246-75-1123




Elgrand 3.5+ (VQ engine) Elgrand 3.5+ (VQ engine)
renewed October 2021
Fairlady Z (VQ Engine) Fairlady Z (VQ Engine)
renewed October 2021
Fuga (VQ Engine) Fuga (VQ Engine)
renewed October 2021
Skyline V37 (VQ/VR Engine) Skyline V37 (VQ/VR Engine)
renewed October 2021



1992 Inauguration Ceremony
1994 Official production starts
1997 Cumulative production reaches 1 million units.
1998 Acquired ISO9002 certification, an international standard for quality control and quality assurance
1999 Acquired ISO14001, an international standard for environmental management.
2003 Updated to ISO9001, an international standard for quality control
2008 Cumulative production reaches 5 million units. For 14th year running, recipient of U.S. "Wards 10 Best Engines
2011 May 15 Complete recovery from Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster
May 16 Cumulative Production reached 6 million units
2015 December umulative Production reaches 7 million units
2016 February Production of VR30 engine commences
2016 January Cumulative factory tours attended by 210,000 people
2018 January For 2nd year running, VR30 (INFINITI Q50/Q60) recipient of "Wards 10 Best Engines"
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PA (Plant Attendant) Blog

  • 11Summer Special Tours have conducted.

    As summer special events, we conducted “Experience the assembly of Engine Parts and Family-Friendly Tour” in July and August.
    Our guests have experienced assembling real engine parts to these engines that usually cannot be seen or be touched.

    All of our guests from small children to adults experienced together and after that, we have received comments such as “It was a precious experience to assemble engines while feeling the atmosphere of the plant♪”

    We were looking for quiz answers using “Let's find the cards” during the plant tour as well.

    We will continue planning special tours on national holidays. Please participate!

    September 5, 2023

  • 10New Nissan Goods have just arrived★

    Do you know that there is a vending machine installed in our Guest Hall?
    [TOMICA Fairlady Z] and [Nissan folding ruler] are newly in stock♪

    How about making use of these products to commemorate of your attending the plant tour?

    There are various Nissan goods available!

    July 4, 2023

  • 09Our Guest Hall has become attractive!

    Iwaki Plant Guest Hall looks shiny as the exterior has been painted and its NISSAN logo renewed.

    We are currently displaying “GT-R Premium edition T-spec”, the sports cars that represent Nissan!
    Why don't you take a photo with GT-R like Bear-kun below or sit in the car seats?

    We look forward to your visit♪

  • 08We have greeted a family as the 270,000th guests of Iwaki Plant Tours.

    The cumulative total of Iwaki Plant Tours’ guests exceeded 270,000 in December 2022, and we took a commemorative picture with the family members♪

    The family members love cars, and their children, the 3rd grade of the elementary school student, said, “I love cars, but I wanted to watch the manufacturing process of engines and I’d like to come back!” We are happy to hear that♪
    All Plant Attendants would like to do our best to guide you with joy so that our tours are enjoyable one no matter how many times you visit us.
    We look forward to welcoming you all.

  • 07We have new exhibition cars on display!

    Fairlady Z

    SKYLINE 400R

    Fairlady Z & SKYLINE 400R which loaded 3.0 liter twin turbo “VR engine” manufactured in Iwaki Plant are newly displayed. We are looking out these cars everyday, saying “They are so cool!!”
    In over 80 years of Nissan history, these cars have been loved by many fans for more than 50 years.

    Do you know there are Hidden “Z” on Fairlady Z?
    In this picture, there is another “Z” other than these marked with the red circles.
    Why don’t you come and find out one more?

  • 06Greeting with Seasonal Tradition

    Beautification Group at the plant is preparing the Seasonal Garden to greet our visitors, the Garden was drawn using the line powder; it is known to draw a line at ground. Please take a look at the Garden from the bus window when you visit us, it changes every month.
    We are looking forward to it next month!

    Pink cosmos are blooming in green turf and they look refreshing.

  • 05The gentle light of the reborn light

    This object is called "Reborn Light" and is reborn as a streetlight by reusing the battery that has finished its role as an electric vehicle and installed the town of Namie, Fukushima where was recovered from Tsunami damage. They are also installed in Nissan Iwaki Plant and these gentle lights are always watching over the area.

  • 04Preventing Heat Stroke

    Nissan Motor Factory Tour has prepared "Salted Candy" to prevent heat stroke.
    The package features a cute character of the factory tour.
    We will continue to use such characters in our tours.

  • 03Heading out to provide outreach lessons

    We thought about a way to communicate the ethos of Monozukuri to school children who want to come on a plant tour but are unable to, as we were so keen to accommodate them. So, we decided to provide outreach lessons from the plant at elementary schools! We loaded some 30kg of kit into the car, which is not normally available for factory tours, and set off.
    All the children, including the teacher, were "bright-eyed" and earnestly engaged in the outreach lesson. Seeing this made all of us in the PA department very happy.

  • 02A headteacher who loves Nissan Skyline

    This week, teacher in charge of a group of elementary school children visited the plant, who was a major Nissan Fan. He has only ever driven Nissan cars, and his current beloved car is a Skyline. He has driven it for 13 years, clocking up 300,000 km. Although he has made various repairs to the vehicle, he has never had to repair the engine, and was kind enough to say that "Engines made in Iwaki are superb!". In line with the plant tour, the headteacher used his own car to give the children a special class beforehand. Upon seeing the car, the children gleefully remarked, "It's the same as the headteacher's!"

  • 01PA Gathering! First attempt at online training!

    Once a year, PAs from all plants in Japan get together to hone their skills in guiding factory tours.
    Every year, we visit guest halls around the country to conduct the training, but this year, we conducted a three-day training session online! We were a little unsure as this was the first time to conduct online training, but learned a lot of things such as how to welcome people and about Nissan's technology, and found many improvement points and things to discover. In addition to the resumption of offering factory tours , online tours have also started at the Kyushu and Oppama sites, and tours are now available in a new style at each guest hall.
    Please don't miss it !
    We're looking forward to taking you on ever-more enjoyable and fulfilling tours!

    2019 Training in session (at Kyushu Guest Hall)

    2020 Online Training




There are no events currently scheduled. We will update and inform you of future events here.