In 1933, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. was established in Yokohama, Japan as an automobile manufacturing company. Launched in 1935 as the first mass production plant in Japan, the Yokohama Plant was designed to incorporate the whole vehicle production process, from parts manufacturing to final vehicle assembly.
Today, the plant produces important automotive components, such as engines, electric motors, and suspension parts in three facilities covering approximately 540,000 square meters. To maintain efficiencies and quality output, the plant utilizes the Alliance Production Way (APW), which uses a robust quality control system to monitor throughout the production process.
Since its establishment, the Yokohama Plant team and operations continues to utilize Nissan’s pioneering spirit to deliver reliable and exciting vehicles to customers.


Area: approx. 537,000 m² (including space for employee wellness facilities)
Employees: As of June 1, 2021: approx. 3,300
Production Capacity: approx. 470,000 vehicles/year (excluding overtime and holiday operation)
Items Produced: engine units (VK, VR, MR, KR)
Motor units (EM47, HM34, RM31)
Machined/welded suspension parts, aluminum cast parts, machined axle parts, catalyst parts, forged parts


The strongest engines, fashioned by master engineers(VR38DETT)

The special engine for the GT-R, Nissan's ultimate flagship sports car, is honed by skilled technicians called "Takumi," ("Maestro") who are exclusively responsible for assembling each engine by hand and testing its entire performance. The "Takumi" nameplate, which guarantees assembly, performance and quality, is attached to the front of the engine, showing the confidence and pride of the "Takumi".

Electric motor power delivers impressive benefits (EM57)

Nissan’s EM57 electric motors are produced in facilities under clean and pristine conditions similar to those needed for precision machinery. The EM57 motor is currently found in the all-electric Nissan LEAF and in the Serena e-POWER, which also has an on-board gasoline engine to generate power. Nissan’s electric motors provide driving excitement thanks to the smooth, quiet and responsive nature of electric motors. Electric motors are capable of delivering maximum torque output when starting from a stopped position. There are a variety of Nissan electric motors and applications to best suit the vehicle and customer needs. The all-new Nissan Note e-POWER utilizes the EM47 electric motor, which is compact and lighter in weight to best fit the compact car.

Cutting-edge Engine (KR15)

The VC Turbo Engine, which was successfully mass-produced for the first time in the world, is a next-generation engine that achieves both high efficiency and high performance by swiftly and continuously changing the compression ratio in the cylinder to the optimum variable compression ratio, aligned to driving conditions and driver input information. The engine is manufactured using a wide range of advanced technologies, including advanced analysis and heat treatment technologies. It is noted that the new models of X-TRAIL which went on sale in July 2022 are equipped with these VC Turbo Engines.



The Guest Hall was certified as a historical building by Yokohama City in 2002, as "Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Yokohama No. 1 Building (former head office building) Inside the building, you can learn about the history of Nissan, see the Engine Museum - which displays the engines of the past, as well as engine and motor technology exhibits - and see how cars and engines are built.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours: 10:00-16:00 (last entry 15:30)
Entry cost: Free
Reservations: The Guest hall is open to the public, for groups of 10 or more, please contact the Guest Hall before your visit.
A reservation through this Home Page is necessary if you wish to attend the plant tour.
Closed days: Saturdays, Sundays, Golden Week, Summer Holidays, End of year holidays.
Plant tours are conducted every Monday~Friday. Please inquire in advance.

Entry is not permitted to the following:

  • People with a fever, fatigue or physically unwell.

Points to note *please read carefully

  • In the unlikely event that a case of suspected infection occurs during the visit, we will take action based on the guidance of the health department.
    (We may be required to provide personal information to public institutions when necessary.)

1Where NISSAN Began

You can see engines and cars from the time when they were born in the birthplace of Nissan.

23NIssan's Car building process / Engine building process

Using actual parts and videos, the museum displays how cars and engines are built in an accessible manner.

4Engine/Motor Technology

Engines and motors built with the latest and greatest techniques and technologies are on display.

5History of Nissan

Introduction to the history of Nissan Motors from its founding to the present.

6Engine Museum

Engines and motors built with the latest and greatest techniques and technologies are on display.

  • Engine Display
  • Award Corner

Leaflet/Exhibit List
Leaflet PDF (1.4MB)
List of engines exhibited PDF (Japanese) (59KB)
List of engines exhibited PDF (English) (28KB)



Access to Yokohama Plant Access to Yokohama Plant
2, Takara-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi,
Kanagawa 220-8623
By train

Get off at Shin-Koyasu Station on JR or Keikyū Shinkoyasu Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line, and walk about 17 min. along the road Kanagawa Sangyodoro.
Or take a route 19 city bus For Shin-Koyasu Ekimae (via. Takaracho) or For Namamugi (via Takaracho) from Shin-Koyasu Ekimae, get off at the Takaracho bus stop, and walk about 1 min. to the Yokohama Plant Guest Hall.
See the City of Yokohama Transportation Bureau’s website for details.
Click here for timetable.
By car

When heading toward Tokyo
2min. from the Koyasu turn off on the Metropolitan Expressway.

When heading away from Tokyo
2min. from the Moriyacho turn off on the Metropolitan Expressway.
1) Inquiries regarding plant tours
Yokohama Plant Guest Hall, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
+81 (0)45-461-7090

2) Inquiries regarding the plant
Yokohama Plant, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Human Resources and Administration Department
General Affairs Section
+81 (0)45-461-7304




Renewed October 2021
SERENA (MR Engine) SERENA (MR Engine)
Renewed October 2021
Renewed October 2021
NOTE e-power(EM47 Motor) NOTE e-power(EM47 Motor)
Renewed October 2021
SKYLINE Hybrid(HM34 Motor) SKYLINE Hybrid(HM34 Motor)
Renewed October 2021
XTRAIL Hybrid (RM21 Motor) XTRAIL Hybrid (RM21 Motor)
Renewed October 2021


Renewed October 2021
Renewed October 2021



1933 Established in Yokohama City as Automobile Manufacturing Co.
In 1934, The company name was changed to Nissan Motor Co.
1935 Yokohama Plant Assembly No. 1 (DATSUN Model 14) goes off-line
Start operations as Japan's first integrated automobile production plant
1956 Installed Japan's first transfer machine for engine processing.
1965 With the completion of the Zama Plant, the Yokohama Plant became a specialized plant for the production of engines, suspensions and other units
1968 Headquarters moved to Higashi-Ginza, Tokyo
1977 Catalyst manufacturing plant begins operations
1982 Completion of Kurihama Plant due to increased engine production
1986 Completed casting plant for aluminum parts
1992 Installed one of the world's largest 8,000-ton forging press lines
1997 Achieved cumulative engine production of 30 million units
Received the TPM Special Award from the Japan Plant Maintenance Association
1998 Start production of YD direct injection diesel engines
Acquired ISO9002 (quality assurance) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certification
Start production of QR engines for the new PRIMERA
FTL (Flexible Transfer Line) using high-speed machining center begins operation.
Start production of VK type engine for the new CIMA
2001 Start production of Japan's first aluminum welded structure suspension members for the new SKYLINE
2002 Stopped production at Kurihama Plant and consolidated production to Yokohama Plant
Achieved 98.9% recycling rate of production waste
2003 Completion of Guest Hall and Engine Museum (now Engine Museum)
Received Kanagawa Prefecture Community Symbiosis Factory Award
2004 Start of production of MR engines for the new LAFESTA
Received "Environmental Conservation Activity Award" from Yokohama City
2006 Awarded "Yokohama is G30" action promotion business by Yokohama City
2007 Start production of VR type engine for new NISSAN GT-R
The Guest Hall building and its collection are certified as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2010 Start of production of motors for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles
The number of visitors to the Guest Hall reached 100,000 since it opened
2017 Start production of the world's first mass-produced variable compression ratio KR engine
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PA (Plant Attendant) Blog

  • 12Summer vacation is just around the corner!

    A Celebration-the production volume of 40 million engines!

    In Yokohama Plant we have been manufacturing exceed 40 million engines since we started operating as a mass consistent production plant of vehicles in 1935.

    This memorable 40 millionth engine will be displayed at the Guest Hall once it gets ready.
    Please look forward to it!

    This year is a special one as Nissan has been founded for 90 years.

    Yokohama Plant Guest Hall is located in Ichigokan (the 1st building) of the headquarter in those days when Nissan was first established, and you can see the history of Nissan as well as engines from successive series to the latest ones.

    We are looking forward to your visit.

    August 22, 2023

  • 11Summer vacation is just around the corner!

    The season when the sun shines has come again this year!

    We have planed a special tour which can enjoy with family members during the summer vacation of elementary schools.

    We will give the booklets which you can learn about engines to those elementary school students who visit our Yokohama Guest Hall from July 17 to August 10♪

    Why don’t you research about engines an motors during the Summer vacation?
    Looking forward to your visit.

    June 30, 2023

  • 10Start displaying GT-R Premium edition T-spec (2024 model)

    At Yokohama Plant Guest Hall we are displaying GT-R Premium edition T-spec (2024 model) replaced Fairlady Z!
    We feel that it emanates new charm and power as the design has been changed.
    Please visit Yokohama Guest Hall.

  • 09The display of “How a car is manufactured” has renewed!

    At Yokohama Plant, which is for Power Train, we are currently manufacturing engines for our new models of X-TRAIL.
    In accordance with it, we have exchanged our display, “How a car is manufactured”, to X-TRAIL versions.
    You can spend time at our Guest Hall observing the display of the procedures until the completion of a car.
    Please visit our Guest Hall at Yokohama Plant.

  • 08We have a new exhibition car on display♪

    If you notice it, it’s already March... It's almost spring. Flowers that feel spring are beginning to bloom at the Yokohama Plant guest hall. Kawazu cherry blossoms are in bloom alongside on the street near here, and various flowers are in bloom on the plant tour course. Please enjoy them when you visit the Yokohama plant!

    The new model of Fairlady Z has newly come into our exhibition cars for a limited time!
    You can find its special paint color, “Seiran Blue”, only at Yokohama Plant guest hall.
    That’s looks amazing, and it makes us feel so excited everyday.
    Please take this opportunity to visit us.

  • 07Flowers that feel spring♪

    If you notice it, it's already March... It's almost spring. Flowers that feel spring are beginning to bloom at the Yokohama Plant guest hall. Kawazu cherry blossoms are in bloom alongside on the street near here, and various flowers are in bloom on the plant tour course. Please enjoy them when you visit the Yokohama plant!

  • 06Halloween and Flowers!

    Halloween coming soon!
    The flower bed at the entrance of the factory has been redecorated!
    Pretty decorations and beautiful flowers will welcome you all. We hope you enjoy it!
    Please take a look when you visit the Yokohama Plant.

  • 05NISSAN ARIYA right in front of you…!?

    "AR SCOPE ARIYA" has been installed at the Yokohama Plant to allow visitors to experience the technology installed in the ARIYA.♪
    You can experience it with the tablet installed.
    We hope that everyone will try it out.

  • 04Aiming to create an attractive plant

    A flower bed has been created at the main gate of the Guest Hall.
    The spring flowers are in full bloom and are soothing to look at.
    The Yokohama Plant is engaged in beautification activities with the hope of showing visitors how attractive here.
    Please check it out on your next visit.

  • 03The company's new logo has been created!

    The vending machine for Nissan goods in the Guest Hall features the new logo.
    The vending machine is now selling Tomica GT-R mini cars and cute Nissan Bear Mascot.
    How about picking one up as a souvenir?

  • 02Getting into the Christmas Spirit

    Christmas decorations have been up at the Yokohama Plant since December.
    This year, there are also cute decorations at the entrance of the Guest Hall...☆☆+.
    This is a limited time offer, so please take this opportunity to visit the Yokohama Plant.

  • 01The famous "Oi Ocha" paid us a visit

    A collaboration video with Ito-En has been released, as part of the Onigiri Action.
    The video is about 3 minutes long, so please watch it when you have time.

    Greetings from Plant Attendant at the entrance

    Arriving in a SERENA




There are no events currently scheduled. We will update and inform you of future events here.