With the title of Nissan’s largest plant site in Japan, the Tochigi plant produces a wide variety of vehicle types including luxury, sportscar and electrified vehicles.
The all-new, 100% electric Nissan Ariya will be the latest to come off the line, and utilizes innovative manufacturing technologies under the Nissan Intelligent Factory initiative, the first of its kind in Japan.
By using the latest manufacturing technologies and a focus on sustainability, Nissan strives to produce high-quality vehicles that offer driving excitement to our customers.


Area: approx. 2,922,000m² (including Tochigi Proving Ground)
Employees: As of June 1, 2021: Approx. 5,400
Production Capacity: approx. 301,000 vehicles/year (excluding overtime and holiday operation)
Items Produced: For Japan:
For overseas:
Various Infiniti models (Q50, Q60), 370Z,

Cast parts, aluminum parts, axle parts


NISSAN Intelligent Factory -first of its kind in Japan

This is the first time that innovative production technologies have been deployed to support manufacturing the next generation of cars, focusing on "technologies for building cars of the future," "robots nurtured by master craftsmen," "symbiosis between humans and robots," and "zero-emission production systems," to build sustainable cars that are friendly to both people and the environment.
As one of our carbon neutral initiatives, we have reduced the energy consumption required for production, and in the painting process, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 25%.

Exciting Tour Course

We have prepared an exciting tour course with the aim of making the plant a place where customers want to come again!
First ever deployment at a domestic production plant! Starting with a virtual tour of the coating process using projection mapping, we will take you through the latest technologies of the Nissan Intelligent Factory, robots with skills imparted by master craftsmen, and the assembly line of the new EV Nissan ARIYA.
At the end of the tour, stuffs will be waiting to send you off with a smile.

Beautification activities around the Plant

We have planted 900 meters of mossy cherry trees around the plant, which can be seen from the new Route 4.
In the spring, local residents remark on how beautiful they look.

A nature-friendly plant that can sustain ecosystems

We have created a biotope by reusing wastewater from the factory to support fireflies and heike fireflies.
The fireflies zoom around, emitting a faint light that is soothing in early summer.

A plant with bountiful nature

Beetles raised in the rich natural forest of the Tochigi Plant are gifted to local kindergartens, as a summer dividend from the bountiful nature around the plant.



Access to the Tochigi Plant Access to the Tochigi Plant
2500, Kamigamou, Kaminokawa-machi, Kawachi-gun, Tochigi 329-0692
By train

Get off at Ishibashi Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line (Utsunomiya Line). The plant is about 10 min. away by car.
By car

5 min. from the Utsunomiya-Kaminokawa Interchange on the Kita-Kanto Expressway.
Enter the following address or phone number in a car navigation system to set the destination to the area around the main gate of the Tochigi Plant.
Tochigi Nissan Kaminokawa
Office Phone: +81 (0)285-56-7723
The Guest Hall is located immediately to the right after entering the Tochigi Plant main gate.
1) Inquiries regarding plant tours
Tochigi Plant Guest Hall, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
+81 (0)285-56-1214

2) Inquiries regarding the plant
Tochigi Plant, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Human Resources and Administration Department
General Affairs Section
+81 (0)285-56-1204

* Many people misdial the number. Please check the number and dial carefully.




Renewed October 2021
Renewed October 2021
Renewed October 2021
Renewed October 2021
Renewed October 2021
Renewed October 2021


Renewed October 2021
Renewed October 2021
370Z 370Z
Renewed October 2021



1968 Start production of cast components
1969 Start production of accelerators
1971 Start production of CEDRIC, GLORIA
1973 Test Course Completed
1988 Start production of CIMA
Received Workplace Excellence Award for PM (Productive Maintenance)
1991 Received Workplace Excellence Special Award for PM (Productive Maintenance)
1996 Acquired ISO9002 certification, an international standard for quality control and quality assurance
Awarded High Quality Plant Silver Medal for J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey
Received Deming Workplace Award
1997 Acquired ISO14001, an international standard for environmental management.
2000 Start production of SKYLINE
2001 Start production of STAGEA
2004 Start production of FUGA, FAIRLADY Z
2005 Workers' Multi-Life Support Project (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
Received the Worker's Volunteer Nice Support Award
Awarded the Tochigi Prefecture Keizai Doyukai Social Contribution Activity Award
2007 Start production of NISSAN GT-R
2008 Awarded J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey High Quality Factory Silver Award
2009 Awarded J.D.Power Initial Quality Survey 370Z No.1 Premium Sports Car Prize
2010 Start production of FUGA Hybrid
2012 Start production of CIMA Hybrid
2013 Start production of INFINITI Q50
2014 Start production of SKYLINE Hybrid
2016 Start production of INFINITI Q60
2018 Tochigi Plant celebrates 50 years of operations
2021 Adaption of NISSAN Intelligent Factory
Start production of NISSAN ARIYA
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PA (Plant Attendant) Blog

  • 11[The Environmental Tour was held!]

    Nissan is manufacturing sustainable cars that are friendly to both people and the environment.

    We introduced our environmental initiatives to the students of an elementary school in Kaminokawa-machi where Tochigi Plant is located.

    They have learned about global warming and electric vehicles and they also experienced “water treatment” by using pet bottles at the Water Quality Management Center!
    On the site of the Plant there is the biotope where we are raising fireflies using the regenerated water after the treatment and the students observed the killifishes swimming.

    These students were so excited when they had the model car running test using the electricity created themselves.
    We are happy that they had fun learning with us.

    July 31, 2023

  • 10[NISSAN GT-R the model of 2024]

    We have exchanged GT-Rs to the model of 2024 in our Guest Hall.
    Here is the question! Which is the GT-R the new model of 2024?

    Did you know the answer? GT-R the model of 2024 is the one on the RIGHT side.
    The design of GT-R has intended for the performance evolution, and every configuration has its meaning.
    Please enjoy the change of the design when you compare these two pictures.

    You can feel free to look around the exhibition and vehicles in the Guest Hall.
    Please visit our Guest Hall.

    June 9, 2023

  • 09Jumping out of Tochigi and visiting Oppama Plant!

    Our Plant Attendant Team visited Nissan Oppama Plant.
    As Plant Attendant, we carry out various activities to provide better guide for our customers.
    One of the important activities for us is interacting with other Plant Attendants from different plants.
    In these years, we haven't seen each other face to face as we mainly had online interacting with other members. It has been years since we visited other plants at the last time.
    ⇩Please look at our smiling faces by the joyous reunion through fun activities with them.

    We were able to meet new “findings”, by accompanying their on-site plant tours.
    We are sure to make good use of it to provide better guide which our customers could be satisfied with.

  • 08We have received heart warming letters.

    We have received many letters each day from elementary school students attended our On-line Plant Tours.
    These letters are from the 5th grade students of Ishioka elementary school in Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture😊

    These letters are so wonderful that we would like to introduce a part of them✨

    “I hadn't been interested in cars at all before we took part in the Nissan Plant Tour,
    and I've learned from this tour that the automotive technology in Japan is so great.
    I wish Nissan's continued success.”

    “I wish to work for Nissan.”

    “I think Nissan's cutting edge technology is so cool as they are manufacturing clean and safe vehicles.
    I want to drive Nissan's cars when I grow up!”

    We are so glad to know that we are spreading the charms of Nissan as we have many comments,
    “I want to drive Nissan's cars!”♪
    Thank you so much for your heart warming letters!

  • 07Homecoming with their beloved cars

    Laurel, Stagea, and Gloria... these beloved cars' owners visited Nissan, the home town of these cars, on their way of driving trip. Even though the plants where manufactured each car is different, it is no doubt that they are all family members born in Nissan. Thank you so much for taking good care of them ♥
    Please visit us with your beloved car when you are in the area.

  • 06Do you know about the first GT-R Police Car in Japan?

    In June 2018, Nissan’s Supercar, GT-R, was donated to “Highway Police Corps of Tochigi Police Headquarters” and still active in protecting the safety of citizens.
    At Tochigi Plant Guest Hall is displaying its die casting model (Scale 1:18)with real GT-R and looking forward to the day when we can welcome our guests.

  • 05“A car that can be used in a sustainable society of the future” that elementary school students thought

    It is a future car that the kids who participated in our online program thought about.

    They deeply considered about the SDGs to associate with vehicles for exmaple, everyone can ride with peace of mind, useful in the event of a disaster, environmentally friendly, and so on.

    We all Plant attendants (PA) were impressed by these wonderful ideasn and appreciated to them.

    Nissan will promise a prosperous car society that fits their wonderful ideas.
    Please look forward to our future mobility♪


    The Nissan logo at the entrance of the Guest Hall of Tochigi Plant has been renewed.
    All of our PAs (Plant Attendants) are preparing to provide excitement to our customers with the spirit of "Yacchae (=Let's do it), NISSAN!"

  • 03Looking ahead to Spring ♪

    There is an automatic lawn mower in the plant, and it takes a stroll around the premises while mowing the lawn.
    Looking forward to spring, when the grass will be lush and green!

    Me and the lawnmower are having a break!

    Rearing Japanese rhinoceros beetles

    When will summer come….
    The Tochigi plant hatches beetle larvae on its premises and presents them to nearby nursery schools when they become adults.

  • 02Getting the Guest Hall in the spirit of Christmas ☆

    We decorated the Tochigi Guest Hall for Christmas.
    We also lit the tree using Nissan LEAF lights.♪
    Using LEAF's electricity, we hope you'll try it at home too!

  • 01Marinos Fans

    An elementary school student who is a Marinos fan came to our plant for their field trip, wearing a Marinos uniform. He looked great in it. Players signed autographs, and pictures were taken with GT-R 📸☆☆.
    The day he came home from the plant tour, he was very happy to have his picture taken at Guest hall and apparently excitedly said, "I'm glad I wore my uniform!

    Next time you visit the plant, why not wear some NISSAN-related gear ♪




There are no events currently scheduled. We will update and inform you of future events here.