Developing attractive styling vehicle

Improving Perceived Quality and Developing Vehicles with Valued Designs

Perceived quality is the quality that customers feel when seeing, touching and operating a vehicle. For example, when customers come to the showroom, they open vehicle doors, sit in seats and check things like the texture of interior fittings. The perception of quality is a particularly subjective matter, and applying objective criteria requires thorough studies. We conduct consumer researches around the world targeting customers who have purchased or are considering purchasing a Nissan car in order to understand their perceptions better and incorporate those perceptions in new vehicles. Our perceived quality specialists communicates the voice of customers around the world and support us to develop attractive styling vehicle that are valued by our customers.

What is perceived quality?

The term “perceived quality” refers to the quality that customers recognize via the look, touch and feel of a car.
For example, in a showroom, the customer would first take a glance around the car, then open the door, sit on the seat, and check the quality of the details. At Nissan, we are systematically working on techniques to enhance both the high-quality feel and the craftsmanship perceivable through the five senses.




Perceived quality goals

To ensure that the perceived quality of Nissan’s vehicles is high and that customers are satisfied after their purchase, Nissan is constantly researching customer preferences and sensibilities and engaging in a range of direct initiatives to improve perceived quality.

  1. Understand customer sensibilities via meticulous research into what people find attractive in order to deliver competitive products to customers.
  2. Deliver high-quality automobiles by paying close attention to details and how they are handled.
  3. Incorporate attractive perceived quality items ahead of competitors based on forecasts of future technological and market trends.