• No.082

Violet (1982 : PA10)

Sedan / Competition


Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
LZ20B (4-cyl. in line, DOHC), 1,975cc
Engine Max. power
162kW (220PS)/7,600rpm
Engine Max. torque
226Nm (23.0kgm)/6,000rpm
Engine Intake system
Solex 50PHH carburetor(x2)
Disc (front & rear)
185/70SR 14(DL SP52R)
Tires (rear)
195/70SR 14 (DL SP52R)
  • Note:Winner of 30th Safari Rally
    Violet GT (Group 4 specifications); No.1, S. Mehta team


Related information

Violet(1982: PA10)

This is the car that won the 30th Safari Rally in the overall category in 1982 by exerting its high travelling performance and high reliability. That was the unprecedented 4th straight victory for both NISSAN and S. Mehta, the driver, and M. Doughty, the navigator, which made the headlines.
The mounted engine was “LZ20B” with the in line 4-cyl DOHC, the displacement of 1,975cc, and the max. power of 230ps as was specified by the Group 4 rules. Although Violet Model PA10 had a well-balanced chassis and an engine that had both high power and endurance, it retired as a rally car with the glittering record because rules on vehicles of Groups 2 and 4 terminated in that year.
In 2009, “NISSAN Restoration Club” fully restored it, while keeping damages as they are, to hand down the car to the next generation.