• No.298

Cedric 4-door Sedan GL (1984 : NY30)



Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
Engine (LPG)
CA20P (4-cyl. in-line, OHC), 1,973cc
Engine Max. power
66kW (90PS)/5,600rpm
Engine Max. torque
152Nm (15.5kgm)/2,400rpm
3-speed AT, floor shift
Suspension (front, rear)
Strut, 4-link (5-link) with Panhard rod
Brakes (front, rear)
Disc, drum
6.95-14-4PR (front & rear)
  • Note:Limousine rental specifications


Cedric 4-door Sedan GL(1984: NY30)

Since the appearance of the first-generation model 30 (announced in March 1960, launched in April), the Cedric - noted for its impressive styling and advanced automotive technologies - has stood at the forefront of Japanese automobile manufacture, demonstrating consistent popularity in a broad range of applications, from personal to formal.
The sixth-generation model Y30 was launched on June 22, 1983. This model attracted a great deal of interest as Japan's first passenger car to be powered by a V-type 6-cylinder OHC engine. Its distinctive styling featured a dignified front grille design and a stable, low-profile silhouette. The 4-door hardtop, 4-door sedan, station wagon and van all received high praise.
Three versions of the newly developed VG engine were available for the Y30: the VG30E (180PS), VG20E (130PS), and VG20ET (170PS). New engine noise suppression, a lengthened wheelbase (+40mm), double vibration proofing for the suspension, and flush body surfaces all contributed to ensuring a quiet and comfortable interior.
In addition to the VG engine, 3 other engines were available: the economical LD28 (6-cylinder in-line diesel), CA20S (4-cylinder in-line gasoline, available for the sedan & van), and CA20P (LPG, available for the sedan). These engines were mainly used for the sedan since it is the first choice for formal (limousine/taxi) applications. Two engines were available for limousine rental specifications: the LD28 (diesel) and CA20P (LPG).