• No.333

Prince Gloria Super 6 (1967 : S41D)



Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
G7 (6-cyl. in-line, OHC), 1,988cc
Engine Max. power
77W (105PS)/5,200rpm
Engine Max. torque
167Nm (16.0kgm)/3,600rpm
4-speed (3 + OD), column shift
Suspension (front/rear)
Double wishbone / De-Dion axle
Brakes (front/rear)


Related information

Prince Gloria Super 6(1967: S41D)

The first-generation model (BLSIP) of the Prince Gloria debuted in February 1959. The second-generation S40 was launched in September 1962.
Manufactured by Prince Motors, Ltd. (which merged with Nissan in 1966), the S40 was a high-profile model, intended to define the future of domestic luxury cars. Featuring over 100 new technologies, it was widely talked about. The styling, with its distinctive flat deck, borrowed the functional beauty of aircraft design principles, discarding what was purely decorative. The cabin also demonstrated functional beauty, making good use of the long (2,690mm) wheelbase and offering a well-appointed environment for passengers. The S40 was powered by the proven 4-cylinder in-line OHV G2 engine (1,862cc, 94PS), and throughout it featured the latest technologies of the time, including a full-synchromesh 3-speed transmission with overdrive, De Dion 2-leaf independent rear suspension, and aluminum drum brakes.
Added to the lineup in June 1963 was the Super 6 (S41), a top-grade model with a 6-cylinder in-line engine. The newly developed G7 (1,989cc, 105PS) attracted attention as Japan's first 6-cylinder in-line OHC engine. Its first-rate performance was fully demonstrated at the 2nd Japan Grand Prix, held in the following year. Not only did the Super 6 take both 1st and 2nd places in the T-IV race, but Skyline GTs powered by the same G7 engine came in 2nd through 6th in the GT-Ⅱ race.