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Roots of Design

Driven by a personal passion of Alfonso Albaisa, SVP, Design, NML, Roots of Design is a program to encourage students of all ages to pursue professional careers by leveraging creativity and unique skills. Through speaking engagements and community involvement around the world, Alfonso hopes to help both young students and their parents understand the potential of careers in design and other creative pursuits.



Alfonso Albaisa is Senior Vice President for Global Design for Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NML).
He is responsible for developing bold and expressive designs for all brands of NML including Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun.

Albaisa is Cuban-American who takes a multicultural approach to design.
He graduated from Pratt Institute in New York in 1988 and attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.
He began his career at Nissan North America in 1988 and held several senior Design positions within Nissan. He has spent his entire Career at Nissan, where he has risen to become one of the leading automotive designers in the industry.

Under Albaisa’s leadership, Global Nissan Design members are evolving new design language giving shape of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies to customers around the world. He oversees Nissan design bases in all Nissan`s Design Studios to ensure that NML’s designs are relevant to different markets.

He enjoys spending time with his family and sailing on the open ocean.

Albaisa speaks English and Spanish.

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Rooting for future creative generations

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How the creative roots grew for Nissan Designers

The family tree. . .

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. . . Is always growing.

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Cutting-edge design of new models may a take center stage in the media, but behind every car there are passionate designers with unique personality and dreams. Young Nissan designers discuss their dreams for future automotive design and the hard work they put in every day to realize them.

Energy of design, shaping Nissan's future



the Nissan Design

They're highly skilled,
motivated and face
each and every project
with sincerity and honesty
to create the future of
Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun design.

Find out what drives them.

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