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Inclusive Workstyle

Nissan is continuing its dedicated effort to instill the corporate values of diversity and inclusion in all employees, using various communication channels. The aim is to create a productive and comfortable workplace where people mutually accept and value differences.

Internal communication website: diversity site (Japan)

We have launched a diversity site on the intranet, which is a dedicated page for internal diversity and inclusion activities. The same content is also being shared through email newsletters, which are issued regularly to promote the values of diversity and inclusion internally.

Trainings and events

We have prepared a range of trainings for new graduates and for managers, including e-learning courses for all employees, in addition to awareness-raising events. There are also mandatory trainings for those who have joined Nissan in the middle of their careers.

Two trainings were launched in 2018 in Japan. The first is “Diversity & Inclusion skill training” for new managers. We aim to strengthen diversity management skills through cross-cultural lectures and interactive theater. The second training is “Unconscious Bias e-learning” for all general indirect employees, in which employees can learn the influence of the unconscious biases that everyone has, as well as techniques to mitigate their effects. We plan to gradually expand this initiative across our global sites.
“Gender Diversity e-learning” was renewed in 2019 to help each employee demonstrate their potential to the fullest.

LGBT initiatives

To ensure a workplace where all employees are free from the fear of being prejudged due to sexual orientation or gender identity, we offer LGBT seminars and e-learning courses that cover basic knowledge about LGBT issues. To ensure proper talent management by superiors, LGBT training is provided as a mandatory course for managers. Nissan has participated in Tokyo Rainbow Pride , the largest LGBT event in Japan, every year since 2017. In fiscal 2016, a self-initiated employee network was launched by members of the LGBT community and allies (those supportive of LGBT people) within the company. In recognition of these initiatives, the private organization work with Pride awarded Nissan its most prestigious Gold PRIDE Index award, recognizing corporate initiatives to support LGBT employees. This was the first time a Japanese carmaker has received this recognition. In 2019, Nissan won the Gold award for the third year in a row.

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